Chakra Tea Line

Environmental Awareness

Kuretea products are made with positive vibes. Energy is harvested from within. It’s why our boxes utilize vegetable based inks, on sustainably sourced, recyclable material. 
The tea bags are made with PLA filtered media a biodegradable, non- gmo material sourced from sugar cane. This patented filter technology is compostable in 21 days or less, 100% USDA BioBased and certified plastic free. KureTea is committed to continue to have an environmentally friendly product that supports the earth!

Quality Ingredients

Kuretea sources quality ingredients from reputable sources who engage in fair-trade and economic sustainability practices. Energy comes from within and our planet is a direct visual representation of how we treat it. KureTea has a passion for nature and protecting the environment. We make every effort to select and source ingredients from natural and renewable sources and are dedicated to the beautiful energy of nature and the plants and preserving those natural habitats.
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